Sunday, March 11, 2012

pip pop pipppppp pop

Mike B., Maximus Supremus the dog, and I got out for exactly what I needed this first-day-of-daylight-savings-time morning: Laurel->Pilot at a slow pace.
 I know I've said it before but Laurel Mountain is mountain biking at it's very best. The trail is a Pisgah classic. Technical climbing punctuated with slimy roots, rock gardens, and tech sections that bring out the trials rider in those that want to give it a go.
Today I was not wanting to give it a go. I felt weak from time off the bike, antibiotics, and too much fun with my beautiful wife last night. Speaking of, my curfew for the day was 12:30 because Erinna and The Pony were meeting for their own ride then. Mike was at my house just after 7:30 (it felt like 6:30) and we had a very VERY chill day on the bikes so... we didn't even complete the intended route of Outer->Inner but... we did have great fun.
We stopped often, we took photos,
 we even hiked in to the bottom of Pilot Rock to check it out.
 Did I mention it was a chill slow pace ride? Well, it was, and again, exactly what I needed. We didn't see one other bike on this absolutely gorgeous late winter day (we started with temps in the low 30's but it was easily over 50* by the time we finished) but we did see many groups of hikers.  Oh, and Max treated himself to more than one breakfast. Thanks for getting out there so early Mike.