Sunday, November 6, 2011


Oh, no, wait a second, that right there is rather pretty. I think I need a photo....

That's how this evening's ride went.  24.6 mi., 3795' gain, 13.33 avg, 41.5 max.
I just got in from a great little road ride. The classic up Town Mountain down Elk Mountain loop. Let's see, while the sweat is still drying and my ears are burning from the temperature change... a few notes: The warm-up up Town Mountain was over very quickly. After stopping a few times in downtown it was time to push a little.
Whenever I saw an opportunity for a photo I did not pass it up though.
It was getting cold and dark by the time I hit the top and I had the overlook on the parkway to myself.
I stopped briefly a bunch of times for the view, to adjust gear, whatever up until the Elk descent.
I almost blew the first turn even with all lights full on then with no less caution hammered through the switchbacks. I lost my rear wheel once and was a bit gunshy through the corners after that. Half way through the straight to Beaverdam I gave up and lifted my head, whatever speed I had attained was fast enough (droid says 41.5mph).
 Over to Merrimon then into the college (where I should have yielded to that car in the roundabout) then past the Bywater and up into Westville to finish. I was feeling strong at the finish and burst into the house to find Zoe asleep and Erinna looking not far behind. She had her own adventure this weekend... so, take-out sushi and an early bedtime? Sounds like the plan...

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