Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Short and Sweet.

This afternoon I got out for a little over an hour on the allroad bike for an allroad ride. From West Asheville->Clingman->downtown->College->Town Mtn->???->Baird->Sunset->Patton Mountain->Town Mountain->downtown->Clingman->back to West Asheville.
I'm still reeling from the after-effects of Icycle weekend, especially from the crash on the downhill practice run. My hip is pretty jacked. Add to that a bit of lingering dehydration and you get a slow and lazy Eric. It took forever to get out the door then I moseyed downtown and didn't start to feel warmed up until Sunset. The gravel road (Patton Mountain) got me excited though and I pushed pretty hard to the top. It's a beautiful day today in West Asheville with bright sunny skies and temps around 60 but at the top it felt more like 45 and I didn't have an extra layer.  I took the easy way out and dropped back into town rather than continuing up and over to Webb which was my original plan. I hit 43 mph on the way back down so, you know, it turned into a quality ride after all. A bit short but still not bad for a Tuesday. 

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