Monday, August 5, 2013

Patton Mtn. KOM (again).

I was off work early today and decided a ride was in order. I didn't have much time and my legs having been feeling extremely fatigued after Friday night's effort and Saturday and Sunday's manual labor around the house. So, it was decided, a quick spin around town, including two of the urban gravel roads.

From West Asheville I went downtown past city/county plaza, up College to Helen's Bridge, down through Kennilworth to Tunnel to Chunn's Cove, Up Vance Gap, Up Town Mountain, Down Patton Mtn, Sunset, Down Old Toll, Macon, back through downtown, got the green at Clingman, over the bridge and up Waynesville and I could have been done but.... was not. I took Haywood to 191 to the transfer station and to Hominy Creek Greenway, then State, Hanover, and back home. 23.1/1922'/1:46.

Oh, and I got back the strava King of the Mountain on Patton Mountain Road from Ian B. I was gunning for it but did not think I had it at the bottom. Conditions: mid 80*'s, sunny, lowish humidity, and the gravel roads were dry but not quite dusty.