Friday, December 17, 2010


Sorry, I just can't get that song out of my head today. Today I also went on the first ride on the new 'road' bike. I started at Riverside park on 191 and had planned on riding Bent Creek Gap road all the way to the parkway then down to the Arboretum but was turned back on 479 right at South Boundary Road by snow and ice.

So I doubled back, turned onto Campground Connector->gravel road and rode that gravel/mud/slush all the way to the pavement at the Arboretum.
So how did she ride? Awesome. The new cockpit will take some getting used to but otherwise: Stable, even in the slush. Quick, as in, I could stand and hammer and, you know, it accelerates. Oh, and first impressions are that it fits me perfectly. I can hardly wait to get it onto the switchbacks on Ox Creek or 276 to see if the stability translates into slow steering. I also can hardly wait for the chance to hammer 1206 from end to end. Then I'll really have a grasp on how this thing handles. For now I give it the post 90 minute less than usual ride two thumbs up.