Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Biltmore in the winter

Picture this: I'm sitting down with baby Zoe over my shoulder, burping her, and trying to one-hand-type-out a quick description of today's ride... Here goes:
DjD, Sophiedog, and I got out today for a very fast spin around the Biltmore trails.

Black->Blue->Green. The trails were either the consistency of peanut butter or covered with 2 inches of snow. The only other tracks out there were those of one hiker, his/her dog, and loads of deer. The deer tracks were fun to spot because they took every other easy line through the woods than the trail we were following.
Black was a fast warm-up full of quick ups and downs, sudden turns, switchbacks, roots, rocks, and I thought I may lose my cafeteria lunch.

Blue was fast, fun, and flowy. Woody trails at their finest.
Green had the one hill that I couldn't clean and was over in a flash.
We were headed to Arbor Trace next but turned around because of the Antler Hill Village construction. I had time constraints and getting into and out of that area, twice, would have eaten up too much time.
Great after-work ride on a frozen (24*) and sunny day in Western North Carolina.