Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trace Ridge before 7AM

I got out for what turned into a fast paced ride this morning starting at 6:45. I started at Bent Creek Gap->Blue Ridge Parkway->Trace Ridge->5000 back to Bent Creek Gap. Total time out was 1:07 but the amazing part is the 49 minute moving time. I stopped and took a bunch of photos at the overlook, walked down to the Trace Ridge sign, ran up to the top of the decent, stopped for a breather after the run, took it relatively easy on the descent (Trace is in BAD shape right now), and HAMMERED up 5000.
A couple of other notes: 1. I bottomed out my P.O.S. fork on one of the new water runoff ruts and nearly went over the bars. 2. 'Normal' handlebars make my hands go numb. 3. Singlespeeding up 5000 is faster than riding gears. 4. I sure am glad I got out early today because now, at 9:15 am, it is already HOT.