Friday, July 12, 2013


I felt like a fast zombie last night. After a full day of work and three hours in the dentist's chair the day before my mind was rather quiet but my legs and lungs were feeling great. The route: From about a 1/2 mile down 5000 from Bent Creek Gap->5000->Blue Ridge Parkway->276->1206->5000.
I ate nothing. I drank 100 oz of water before 1206. I listened to some new Phish in one ear until it got dark. I felt like I had power to spare. I stopped twice for more than a few minutes, at the Funneltop overlook and at the bottom of Pilot. I refilled my camelbak at the second stop without a filter. I managed a personal record descending 1206 from Yellow Gap to the Fisherman's Bridge. It was an excellent evening to be on the bike.