Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In other news, baby Zoe learned how to roll over today!

I didn't have to go into work today so early in the morning I made a long list of things that I needed to do. Fix the attic fan, go to I9, mow the lawn, and go to the Ranger Station to finish up some PMBAR business was on the list. I got much of the list done early so I decided that a trip into Pisgah shouldn't be wasted. For the trip out to see the fine folks at the USFS I took the bike along. The day was warm and muggy, 80+ degrees with humidity at 110%. Thirty seconds into the ride (Black->Thrift->Grassy->Sycamore)

the humidity was too much for the air and the rain began. Erinna's advise rang in my ears during the warm-up: 'Don't let the rain stop you. You're just doing Thrift->Sycamore' and before I even finished Black the sun was peaking through. Down the hotwheels track then a left onto Grassy.... I think I see a new PMBAR start/finish route...Thrift is so much fun and it drops right back into the start/finish area.... hmmm... Anyway, Grassy was next and was a steeper climb than I had remembered, then Sycamore. I took the left/longer route and tried to remember the last time I had been out there. It had been a while. Sycamore is one of those trails that has seen it's fair share of use and there's good reason for it. What a descent! Everything you look for in a Pisgah downhill: Roots, rocks, quick turns, long fast straights, rhodo tunnels, creek crossings, opportunity for serious bodily harm... Yeah.... Pisgah. I popped out onto 276 at just under an hour, and was back at the Jeep moments after that. Thanks for pushing me to go ride Erinna! That felt great.