Saturday, June 30, 2012

What am I doing here?

Last night I got out for one of those rides that I hope never fades from my memory. It was that good. I started on the All-Road bike from the Fish Hatchery at 9:30pm. My route for the evening: 475->Indian Creek->215->140->140A->5003->475.

can anyone tell me why my Garmin device has one set of stats but Garmin connect publishes different data?

The climb up 475 has been getting easier and easier for me lately and I was at the Gap about 40 minutes after I started and I was feeling great. Without a break I continued on until Indian Creek Rd.
 I took a nice little break there and contemplated heading down the pavement but took the only sensible option, the gravel (up and) down to NC215. Right as I was approaching Balsam Grove I was descending at about 25ish mph and flatted. I had been listening to Phish 6/28/12 the entire ride thus far but had to pop the earbud out. I could hear horses but couldn't see them and I saw dog eyes moving slowly towards me and his friends making a racket off in the distance. It was one of my fastest tube changes yet.
 As soon as I got on the bike I could hear the stealth ninja dog chasing me. Thank God it was downhill from there because every hair on my body stood on end and I hauled ass with shaky legs. I turned onto 215 feeling exhausted as the adrenaline rush faded but I didn't take a break until 140A.
 I walked a good portion of 140A and considered adding it to the Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge. People would love me or hate me if I did that. I don't think there would be any in between. I stopped briefly at 5003 for a snack but really just continued on after just a few minutes. I was then riding my roadbike in three foot tall grass, stinging nettle, and blackberry briars
 and was loving every second of it. 5003 is spectacular at 11:30 at night. I saw an owl stop and check me out, I hit 30mph, and I was back at Gloucester Gap quicker than I had anticipated getting there. Down 475 at full speed ahead (but cognizant that I had no more tubes) then Davidson River trail to finish the ride. A great evening on the bike!