Monday, November 9, 2009

fun fast fixed bent creek ride with Gabe

I met up with Gabe at the Smokehouse this afternoon for a solid 90+ minutes of Bent Creek.
Neighborhood->Rice Pinnacle-> Ingles Field->Sidehill->Hickory Top->Ingles Field->Rice Pinnacle->Neighborhood.
We climbed fast. I descended at the very knifes edge of control. We talked equipment and building a new stem for the silver WW (dropbar 29er here I come...) and got back to the Smokehouse with minutes to spare, the schoolbus rounded the corner before my bike was even in the back of the Jeep.
Oh, of note, I'm really happy with the way the fixe is setup right now. Thudbuster is key. high pressure/low knob tire in the rear is key. Super fattyfat squishy tire in the front.... key. Oh, and a rediculous 32x22 on a 29" tire makes for fast climbing, easy rear 'braking', and silly silly SILLY fast downhill spinning....