Friday, September 2, 2011

Lazy and with lead weights for legs.

29.4 miles, 2675' gain, 2:18 total time out, 13.9 moving average, 39.2 max

From West Asheville->Kimberly->Beaverdam->Webb Cove->BRP->Biltmore Forest->Meadow->Amboy->State.
I finally was out and on the bike at 12:15 after what felt like 100 unexpected phone calls and emails that had to be answered. The temps were already near 90* but lucky for me that was the high for the day. Severe thunderstorms were arriving just as I finished and the temps had dropped nearly 10* over the course of the ride.
I stopped often as the hot warm-up was especially tough and mediocre photo opportunities were calling me. I was happy to stop every time. The climb up Webb Cove was very dusty and every vehicle that passed made it especially so. The descent to the Folk Art Center was a welcome breath of fresh air and my legs were finally working correctly.

Once my legs, lungs, and heart were all on the same page I was able to pick up the pace. The rollers to Biltmore Forest were tough but smile inducing. I was on top of the gear and moving quick. I blew through the stop sign right in front of a Biltmore Forest cop and thought for sure I was getting a ticket but I guess it was my lucky day. Once on Meadow I was standing and hammering and made every green light back to State. Up the hill and home took just a minute and I knew I had salvaged the ride.