Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Which is better? 45 minutes of dancing with my 2 year old girl

or 45 minutes of riding in Pisgah?
Sorry bike people. Dancing with my 2 year old wins.
I did get our for a quick ride today after doing business with the U.S. Forest Service. A little Thift Cove, some Grassy Road, and the best Sycamore has to offer. I had a belly full of cafeteria lunch, the parking lot was filled with beautiful people, the climb was a great warm up, I passed 3 groups of hikers on Sycamore, I was back at the highway quicker than I had anticipated, and I met a few 111K racers (I probably have met them before) at the end.
Short. Sweet.
Oh, and Zoe and I have been dancing and playing since I picked her up from childcare. Awesome. I'm on cloud nine.
For those wondering about the newest Pisgah Productions event: Details will emerge very soon.