Sunday, June 17, 2012

Party Time!

I just walked in from a Father's Day ride to find my baby asleep and my mother-in-law doing our laundry. How great is that?!?!?
I'm in the market for a full suspension 29er and today I got out and tried the Specialized Stumpjumper. The route for the day: 5000->Spencer->Spencer->N.E.R.->Fletcher->Middle Fork->Upper Middle->Big Ridge->Big Creek->Res. Rd.->Wash Creek->5000.. The GPS died along the way so I don't have any stats.
 Real quick, a few thoughts about the bike: The Small fits me perfectly. There was only one time (during the Spencer descent) that I questioned that. It felt like I was on my way over the bars for a moment there. That could easily be my gunshyness showing through. The bottom bracket is a little low for my tastes, too. I think that probably will be the case with any 120mm 29er I get on though, otherwise the saddle would be too high for me to mount the bike. Positives? It's stiff. No doubt about it. It climbs like a billygoat. I cleaned all of Spencer up and Big Ridge. It's stable at speed. It's stable at no speed. It's great in switchback descents, too.
 I don't have any other real ride notes expect it was an absolutely beautiful day to be in the woods. 75 degrees with bright blue skies and fluffy clouds. It rained out there this morning so the trail had excellent traction even with the skinnier-than-I'm-used-to tires. Also, and I ran into Kym S. and her buddy twice and Matt R. startled me awake right as I was arriving at my finish.

Party Time! refers to a couple of things... The Phish song I had in my head for the entire ride and life in general. You see, I had my 40th birthday the other day and my wonderful wife threw a surprise party for me:

 and last weekend I did something completely different than riding my bike. Party Time! Party Time!