Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enduro course marking day 1.

I went on a painful little gravel road ride a couple days before the Enduro. I started at Curtis Creek Road and climbed Jerret Creek Road for about 4.5 miles. I marked the start of stage 4 of the Enduro then bombed back down the mountain. I had a lot on my mind but mostly Jut Rut's advice to make that stage shorter. When I hit that little climb in the middle my legs were screaming and I knew he was right. The start was now 3 miles up the hill too far. I marked the bottom of the section then all the road sections then high-tailed it back to Asheville just in time to pick up Zoe.
I forgot the gps. I forgot the camera. My phone died. No photos or data exist for this ride.