Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sex Panther.

The seasonal trails opened yesterday.... Tuesday.... The TNDC had to come to order.
I arrived at Smoker's Cove at 6:30 and shortly thereafter Jody F., Mike R., and Chad M. were there and getting ready. Next to arrive was Jeff B., our informative and entertaining shuttle driver for the evening.
Once we got out of the one time best. shuttle. ever. we had the super hard warm-up of Club Gap. I immediately fell off the back but started to get in the groove by the time we hit the Gap.
After a long breather we were headed to Buckwheat Knob. We were all eager for the descent and made very quick work of the climb.

The memory of the next two descents are why I mountainbike. I cannot put into words what it feels like to descend at 20+ mph, at night, on the steepest, rootiest, rockiest, blown-out trails in Pisgah. Deep in Pisgah. Following guys I trust. I am sore today from working so hard on the descents to hold onto Mike and Jody. We were absolutely flying down that 'hot piece of trail... ridge runnin, leaf blasting fun'.

I hope to find time to say something about making our way back up to Pressley and down Black... but not right now.