Thursday, July 16, 2015


This Summer I've been 'working' at Camp Grier as the Director of the Mountain-Bike Program. With the help of Zach Miller I've been spending my weekdays teaching the next generation of riders!!!

 Yes, we made them each carry 40 pounds of gear.
 Rishi and the Giant Mushroom:

 Zach and I got these bad-ass kids to race FIVE xc-eliminator heats today. They will sleep well tonight.

 Campers Will, AJ, Rishi, Damien, William, and John. (plus Zach!)

Tuesday we took them out and back on Jarret Creek Road. We ended up hunting raspberries the entire time:

 Plus we took them exploring on new trails at Camp Grier! ADVENTURE TIME!

Tuesday quote of the day: 'Well Kid, Did you know we are actually IN a rain forest right now? Yeah. That's why it's raining.'