Sunday, February 28, 2010


Erinna and I are in Williamsburg, VA visiting the family and we just got in from an excellent road+ ride: Mill Pond->Field Stone->Six Mount Zion->Mount Laurel->Ware Creek->Croaker->Riverview. Mt.Laurel/Ware Creek is a one lane olllllllld ribbon of pavement through corn fields and past old farmhouses. Beautiful riding. I guess it reminds someone of someplace else:

Then we went into York River State Park and hit one of the mountain bike trails there (I didn't catch the name but it was about 2 miles). Of note, this was the first ride Erinna and I have been on together since she was about 5 months pregnant! Anyway, it was a ton of fun riding the road bikes back in the woods.

Erinna even commented 'Tell me again why mountain bikes have flat bars?' Yes, I too want a drop-bar off-road bike... After a quick detour to look at the river...

we left the park then rode: Riverview->Croaker->Ware Creek. Rather than turning onto Mt. Laurel we hit the gravel road portion of Ware Creek.

We are definitely mountain-bikers on road bikes, again the road chosen was the roughest. It actually had a few hills! Then back to Six Mount Zion and back to my Mom's neighborhood. Great ride with my sweetie in my hometown!