Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love my wife!

Erinna and I got out for a great ride today. Of course it was great, we got to ride together. The original plan was to go to Heartbreak Ridge but after the over-the-top-tough-feeling warm-up of going up Old 70 made us reconsider. After my ride just yesterday and after Erinna not riding mountain bikes much at all lately we decided Heartbreak may take longer than we had time for. We had to pick up Zoe eventually. The route we chose for the day was interesting and hard as hell. From Old Fort picnic area->Old 70->Ridgecrest->Paved Road of Death->Adventure Trail->Rattlesnake->Ridgecrest->Kitsuma->back to OFPA.

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The view from the Old 70 overlook. Yes, it was a hot and humid day.
The Rhodos are in full bloom at just the right elevation....
Adventure trail is much harder than this photo suggests...
Mr Toad, when will this wild climb be done?

Rattlesnake down!
The happy couple
Erinna wasn't the only one wearing pink today

Kitsuma has climbs?!?!?
The trailwork on Kitsuma has bedded in and it actually has a nice flow. The rocks are coming back out on the climb and the bike-eaters are about gone. A number of old-school tech features are history though....
Thanks for getting out on a ride with me Erinna! Thanks for taking care of Zoe, Dawn! Thanks for taking care of Biltmore, Andy! What a great day.