Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Urban Gravel

Today I went on a fun little ride that included Webb Cove and Patton Mountain roads, the closest to town gravel roads that I know of. Highlights: 1. Catching all the green lights all the way to Beaverdam. I didn't have to stop once until I chose to, to take a photo at the end of the pavement on Webb Cove.

2. The descent of Patton Mountain. I was really pushing it into the corners like I was deep in the forest without worry about cars around the blind turns. Luckily I was the only vehicle on the road. 3. Catching every single light back to West Asheville. That's not really a highlight except it made me stop, catch my breath, and observe the every day beautiful things that I would have otherwise missed. Oh, it was a perfect day to be on the bike. Temps in the low to mid 60's (but it felt much warmer) and mostly cloudy.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Out to Marshall and back

I just walked in from an excellent day on the bike with non other than the fresh-back-on-the-bike-after-surgery Mike B.! We went all the way out to Marshall via the river road, ate lunch, then doubled back.
It was a beautiful Veteran's Day afternoon. Highs in the 40's, bright blue skies, and steady winds.
The Droid died on the way so I don't have any stats. Oh well. Let's just say it was further out to Marshall than I remembered, and it took less time to get back than it did to get out there.

Mike B. chillin' at the court house in Marshall

The roses are in full bloom in front of the courthouse

Shrine at the cafe' where we ate lunch

Mike B. on the river road

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Oh, no, wait a second, that right there is rather pretty. I think I need a photo....

That's how this evening's ride went.  24.6 mi., 3795' gain, 13.33 avg, 41.5 max.
I just got in from a great little road ride. The classic up Town Mountain down Elk Mountain loop. Let's see, while the sweat is still drying and my ears are burning from the temperature change... a few notes: The warm-up up Town Mountain was over very quickly. After stopping a few times in downtown it was time to push a little.
Whenever I saw an opportunity for a photo I did not pass it up though.
It was getting cold and dark by the time I hit the top and I had the overlook on the parkway to myself.
I stopped briefly a bunch of times for the view, to adjust gear, whatever up until the Elk descent.
I almost blew the first turn even with all lights full on then with no less caution hammered through the switchbacks. I lost my rear wheel once and was a bit gunshy through the corners after that. Half way through the straight to Beaverdam I gave up and lifted my head, whatever speed I had attained was fast enough (droid says 41.5mph).
 Over to Merrimon then into the college (where I should have yielded to that car in the roundabout) then past the Bywater and up into Westville to finish. I was feeling strong at the finish and burst into the house to find Zoe asleep and Erinna looking not far behind. She had her own adventure this weekend... so, take-out sushi and an early bedtime? Sounds like the plan...

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inner Loop. Backwards.

Today I got out for a fun little ride. I started at the first way into the inner loop, took the gravel to the second way up, then went clockwise.
more later.


During the second day of Double Dare I got out for exactly what I needed, a ride in Pisgah with a special twist. That twist? Broussard shuttled Clay F. and I to the top of Pilot Mountain Road. Farlow without the climb? Yes, please.

As soon as we were on the bikes I was having a great time. After just a short climb we were at the gap and talking with Shane, the Double Dare checkpoint volunteer.
Clay and I each took turns shooting the bb gun and hitting the target before heading down Farlow.

The Farlow descent was great fun. Clay had ridden all day the day before, had stayed up until sunrise directly afterwards, and was on the ride with me right after that. Needless to say it was easy to drop him so I would stop and take photos whenever I thought it would be a good idea.

 I almost cleaned the rock garden and felt like I was flying all the way to the bottom. I almost went down two times along the way, too. I guess that happens when you're flying down Farlow. Daniel Ridge to 475 was next. Then just before we turned back into Cove Creek campground we ran into Yuri E., the other checkpoint volunteer from the day before. Awesome. Thanks for getting out Clay. Thanks for manning the CPs Shane and Yuri!