Tuesday, June 30, 2015

500th post! WUVM-BVA! (and a Soviet era space junk!)

Jarret, Jay F., and I went to Snowshoe West Virginia last weekend to provide timing for the Snowshoe Enduro. Over the course of the weekend we got a few rides and one hike in. On Friday we went checked out stage 1, 2, and ummm.... 6 and 7? then went on a (public-safety assisted) hike to check timing-gear after the first torrential rain. Then, on Saturday after the job was done for the day, we were all headed to the after-party when Jay and I saw the lifts were still open... we sprang into action and got in two runs of DreamWeaver. Then AFTER the after-party we hit EZ-O, climbed back up, hit M-N-O, then got a shuttle back up (thanks sleepy Jarret!).

On the way home we saw something I will never forget.

A Soviet era rocket re-entering the atmosphere in the form of a HUGE fireball that streaked across the sky as we were South of Johnson City, TN. Ask me about it sometime.