Sunday, December 9, 2012

I love my WaltWorks All-Road bike!

Every once in a while I just have to say it. Walt really nailed this bike. About 5 years ago Walt built a road bike with disc brakes for Erinna and about 2 years ago I had one built for myself. I guess you can say we were ahead of the curve again. Back in '04 I had Walt build me my first 29er and everyone was telling me it was a waste of money. There would be no tire or wheel or fork options as soon as that funny looking fad was gone, they said. Ha! Now, 9 years later there is hardly a 26er being sold to anyone over 5' tall. My guess? There will be hardly a single road bike being sold in 5 years from now without disc brakes. We'll see!
Anyway, yesterday I got out for a quick ride around town and up and down the local gravel roads. My route for the day: from West Asheville->Clingman->Biltmore->Charlotte->Macon->Old Toll->Sunset->Patton Mountain->Town Mountain->Webb Cove->Beaverdam->Merrimon->Weaver->Riverside->Craven->Waynesville.

Can anyone give me a Strava tip? I created a segment a while back (from the top of Town Mountain to the bottom of Webb Cove) but whenever I do that section it does not show up on my achievements. Any help?