Friday, November 30, 2012

Smash and Grab.

Joe and I were following up on the previous day's discussion and the question was asked: 'You riding today?' and 90 minutes later we were parked at Bent Creek Gap for a tour of North Mills River. The next three and a half hours were filled with me chasing Joe up the hills...
and Joe chasing me down the hills.
We ended up on Big Creek for a little while 

and finished the day by doing something I don't believe I've ever done before, The entire length of Spencer from the reservoir road to 5000. 
18.6mi 3,087ft.  02:52:24
When we arrived at Bent Creek Gap both of our vehicles had been broken into. Nothing that couldn't be replaced was missing so, whatever. What sucks most is that today I had a spectacular day on the bike with Joe and what I'll remember most is this petty B&E. So, in an effort to remind myself in the future: This ride was spectacular. We went to places. We attained super high speeds on the descents. I felt right at home on the new bike UP and DOWN the hill. It was a 65* and sunny, zero humidity day. The trails were perfect North Mills / Pisgah. The window will only cost $126 to replace. The meth-head redneck sunnuvabitch that thought this was a good idea will get his.

Pisgah Business Meeting

Yesterday afternoon I had some business to tend to. I dropped off the revised P36 permit applications at the Ranger Station and met up with Joe from Pura Vida to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Where is the best place to discuss such things? Why, on the trail. of course!
We started at the Ranger Station and our route for the day: 276->477->Clawhammer->Maxwell->Black.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do you have an emergency blanket? No, but you can use my beard...

I wish I could remember 1/4 of the funny things that were said last night at the turn around point. Mike B and I had made plans to be out at The Hub at 6PM last night to drop off the Scott Spark Erinna had borrowed for the day then to ride North Slope and Sycamore. Our plan changed right as we arrived at the shop. The whole crew: Sam, Jimi, The Prospector, and John were headed out for their own ride: Out and back on Squirrel to/from  Laurel Gap. At the last second I asked to ride the demo Rocky Mountain Element to really change things up, too.
 My personal Rocky Mountain Element 970 BC Edition should be in my possession next week. I figured it would be a good idea to get used to having the squish under me. We re-rallied at the Turkey Pen parking lot, took the single track down to the river, crossed the bridge,
 turned onto Mullinax, then suddenly I was riding allllll by myself. What the hell was going on?!?!? Too much air in the tires.... Hardly an excuse but I was hardly riding the bike. It was riding me. When I arrived at Pea Gap the group was antsy to get moving but Jimi was listening to me. 'I'm hardly on the bike' I said. He replied ' Is it you or how the bike is set-up?'
 That got me thinking and made me a bit more aware of the mistakes I was making. Jimi also hung back with me so I could follow his lines and get into a groove. It worked. THANKS JIMI!!! I was having a great time and was feeling great when I arrived at the gap. It looked like they had all been there a while and were ready to hang out for a while longer. Laughs were had, beers were cracked, and an extended breather was underway.
Then it was time to ride bikes.... downhill..... fast.... Sam and John led out. Mike (who was on his new 29er FS) and I traded places back and forth. Jimi and The Prospector in the back. Jimi made his way forward eventually and was a treat to follow. Once it was Sam, John and Jimi in the lead it was hip jump and berm carve after hip jump and berm carve all the way down the hill. I wish I had a video of the action because it was just as much fun to watch as it was to participate. Thanks for getting out guys. That was a fun evening on the bike

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I got out for a quick and cold ride this afternoon. I had plans to go further but the nagging mechanical issue and me being a puss about the cold sent towards home rather than onward towards more miles.
It was also the first ride on new tires with Stan's. I just don't quite trust the 60 lbs of pressure in the front tire without a tube yet. It kinds freaks me out. Anyone out there have experience with Stan's in cyclocross-type setups?