Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yesterday afternoon I got out for an exceptionally excellent ride. What made it exceptional? 95* heat, a three mile commute for me, and riding with the legendary Pony.

 I rode over to Ian L.'s house from West Asheville and Jody F and Mike B both rallied there as well. We piled into the big ass truck (along with Maximilian Supremus the dog) and were on our way to North Mills River. As we left town at 6:30pm the thermometer on the BAT read 97*. Thankfully the temps were already 10* lower when we arrived at the concrete bridge. Our route for the day: Fisherman's->North Mills->Fletcher->Middle Fork->UMF->Big Ridge->Big Creek->Res Rd->Lower Trace->Fisherman's.

Fun was had. Ian kicked ass for being straight off the couch. We stopped a bunch. We rode hard. We rode easy. We hung out in creeks. We drank beers. I took photos. There were no mechanicals, no crashes, no bonks, and we arrived back at the BAT together. I am thankful to have friends like these guys. Thanks for getting out for an adventure everybody!

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