Friday, May 10, 2013

PMBAR 2013 setup day 3

Day 3 was H.A.R.D. Sophiedog was along and kicked my butt.
The rain had started.
The trail was slick.
I ate it hard.
From the Buck Springs parking lot I walked in to the Laurel Mountain trail. Gnome trail to Pilot connector to $2000 descent to False $2000 descent to the Cairns... then back out.
It was cold. It was wet. I met a pair of hikers that ended up taking my advice and stopped by the start/finish the next day. When I got back to Buck Springs I was shivering and had was sooooo happy that the final CP was a drive-to CP. I drove down to 225, set that CP, drove to the Hub, then dropped off the kegs at Trailblazers for the afterparty. Then back to Asheville, picked up Zoe from daycare, and then.... tried to rest. Start/Finish setup started at started at 2PM the very next day.

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