Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yellow, Then Orange, THEN Pink, and Finally, Red.

Heartbreaker! Heartbreaker! Heartbreaker!

I got out today for Heartbreak Ridge with Mike R., Eric C., and Jared C. We went the now classic route of: From Kitsuma trailhead-> Ridgecrest->Rattlesnake->Old Toll-> Heartbreak Ridge->Mills Creek->back to the Kitsuma trailhead.

Mike R. @ the top of Old Toll:

The view 2/3 of the way up Old Toll. Which Ridge over there are we riding down again?Lichen?
Flowers at the tp of Old Toll:
Ooooh! Damage discovered.... Must have been from last week's 'Off the Trail' incident

After the nearly unwatchable Wilsons vids from the other week I decided to try out a new camera mount, this time: on the helmet. The results were great but I didn't get any real good shots because the camera was pointed a little too downward.... Next time....

Heartbreak Ridge from pisgahproductions on Vimeo.

I got a flurry of text messages on Saturday evening: 'Ride Plan?' 'Woods tomorrow?' 'Riding Sunday?' and the plan was made to hit Heartbreak Ridge with a rally time of 8:30 at the Kitsuma trailhead. Dennis 'Race Nazi' H. was even going to make it! I was about 10 minutes late but with Dennis on my bumper all the way down I40 and we were headed towards Ridgecrest just a few minutes after I parked the Jeep. It's always fun riding with new people and this time around that was Jared C. He's done PMBAR at least once so his name and face were familure. The pace was high for the warm-up through Ridgecrest and on to Rattlesnake, except for hitting the tetter-totter in the ballfields we didn't stop AT ALL until Dennis made the surprise announcement that he had to go home. He'd explain later he said. We joked that he had left porn in the dvd and continued after a quick break at the first intersection. Jared had not done Heartbreaker before so I explained the rest of the climb: It won't get as steep as that going up for the rest of the day. We'll hit a road intersection in about a mile then it the trail/road will mellow again in steepness but.... that's not to say what happens after that will be easy. Oh, and right then I discovered a huge hole in my shorts. Great. Unless I can borrow someone's baggies I'm either going back or y'all have to see my ass all day....