Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perfect (dog) ride.

Mike B and Maximillian-the-overdrive rallied at 9AM at my house today for a dog paced ride, something Sophiedog and I were all about.

We parked at Turkey Pen and our route for the day was singletrack->S.Mills->Cantrell->Squirrel->Bradley->66 jumps.

Just real quick, highlights of the day: 1.The warm-up on S.Mills. I felt great from the first to the last pedal stroke of the day. Sophie and Max were ecstatic to be in the woods, too. 2. Cleaning sooooo much of Cantrell UP. Mike and I were ON today.

(pictures more or less unrelated to text other than that they are from today's ride)

3. The tech section between Cantrell Creek and Laurel Gap on Squirrel. Two or three dabs the entire way for each of us. That section of trail is so unbelievably technical I cannot find words that does the scene justice. Oh, who's up for a September Dragon's Back, VA camp and ride?

4. The downhill from Laurel Gap. Holy Hell. Mike was up front and we were hanging it all out. Then, without warning, Mike would just accelerate. I thought, 'Well, I guess I can go faster, too' and would reel him in. Then he would do it again! and I did the same thing, all the way to the point that I almost let my front end drop off the edge, and I knew I needed to stop chasing if that was going to be the speed of the day, and we were at the intersection of Mullinax just like that.

5. Finishing with Squirrel all the way to Bradley. The dogs got the water they needed, the views were spectacular, and Mike even got a swim in at the end.

Thanks for joining me for another outstanding day in the woods Mike B., Max, and Sophie.