Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fixed Gear Mountain Biking in Pisgah

Today's ride: Trace Ridge solo and fixed starting at 6:30pm. I was back at the Jeep at 7:55. 85 minutes for Spencer->Trace is pretty good for me on any bike. Tonight's lesson? There IS a rear brake... and it is very effective. Oh, I did have one crash, while climbing Spencer I took a dive off the trail. I need to remember: concentrate. quiet the mind. don't space out. use the virtual coasterbrake. pedal harder....

2nd fixed ride ever

Fall is in the air and trees:
There were a few moments during the ride that made me whoop and yell and laugh out loud. One was when I full on powerslidskid towards and barely missed that damned tree in the lefty at the bottom of trace. The line between in and out of control on the fixed is razor thin.