Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Ultra Rare 'Double Ride' Post

I just walked in from riding with Mike B. at Richmond Hill. He and his crew have built a few more miles of trail since the last time I was out there and now it feels like the whole trail system is starting to come together.
The next time you see this man be sure to tell him 'Thank You!'

The trails are SUPER twisty and tight with steep uphills that are just long enough to put a nice burn in the legs and lungs. This trail system has great potential.We started at 5:30 right from my house in West Asheville with temps were hovering around 80*(!) and it was a bright sunshiny day. We took a longer, hillier, and more fun route home.

Thanks for not giving up on asking me to get out there, Mike.

On Saturday I got out on a ride in with the one and only Wode...
and Sophiedog:

He had come out to Cove Creek campground to help out with the Pisgah36 and we followed the racers Prologue loop: 475->Daniel Ridge gravel->upper Daniel->225 connector->225->Cove Creek back to the camp.

What I really remember from that ride are just a few points. 1. It has been forever since I've been riding with Wode. 2. Mountain Biking makes me feel great. 3. Upper Daniel is a ton of fun to try to clean 4. 225 to Cover Creek is even more fun to descend than Daniel is to climb. 5. The first wildflowers sprung this weekend.

Oh, and 6. It's always best to stop and look at the waterfalls.

I rode my two different bikes for these two rides, the red bike on Saturday and the green today. It's amazing how different they really are. The red bike is like riding on the back of a bulldozer. The green bike is like riding on the back of a ninja.