Wednesday, February 2, 2011

28 degrees, windy, and pitch black dark.

I just walked in (11:00PM) from a great ride with Mike R. Our route: Classic Trace starting from the gate. The warmup was absolutely painful and it took everything I had to keep Mike within 100' or so. He motored through the steep field, I floundered. He rolled the new log hops, I fumbled. I tried my best to get on my game though and by the time we reached Trace I saw steam coming from my helmet, I was no longer seeing stars, I was warmed up and ready. We took a very quick and cold break at the top then after agreeing that tonight was not the night for heros, we cranked into the downhill. I;ve got to mention here my new light setup. The amoeba lights by Jay B. rock. I was able to hold Mike's wheel at night for the first time in a long long while. We hit the 22 mph mark on the way down so, I guess we didn't go for hero status but we didn't slouch either. After the 'whoops' and 'yeeeahs' and 'great run mannnn!s' were done Mike snuck in a great little bit of extra trail with brand spankin' new blazes. Two climbs and three descents later we were on 5000 and headed back up the mountain towards the parkway. We both were feeling warm and fast at that point so we stood and hammered, then sat and talked, stood and hammered, sat and talked some more, and were back at the vehicles in 1:19 total time out. 1:02 moving. 22.25 max, 6.7 average. Great ride Mike. Thanks for coming out.