Friday, August 16, 2013

Set the gearshift for the highgear of your WOOO!

Super-fast feeling quick all-road ride this afternoon. Erinna is headed out camping so I have Zoe all weekend, this was my last chance for a ride until next week and I made good work of it. From West Asheville->Helen's Bridge->Tunnel->Chunns->Vance Gap->Town Mtn->Patton Mtn->Old Toll->Town Mtn-> back to West Asheville.

I had a very scary moment coming down Patton Mtn. I was 'gettin my Strava on' was really hammering hard, slammed into the big ring while standing, and threw the chain. The cranks ceased rotating and my back wheel came off the ground. I got my foot off the pedal, the back wheel down, and I smashed into the ditch. I came out of it OK but.... damn.