Monday, March 14, 2011

A truely awesome weekend!

This past weekend was near perfect. On Saturday the temps were in the high 60's without a cloud in the sky. Erinna purchased a bike trailer for little Miss Zoe last week so we decided it was the day to try it out. Zoe's first ride: From West Asheville->Haywood->Beverly->Riverview->Dog Park->Carrier Park->New greenway->Short Michigan->Hanover->back home. We stopped along the way and played in the grass at the park

and decided to go home once Zoe was no longer enjoying the experience. It was a great hour or two out with the family.

That night I met Mr. and Mrs. BrownDay for Menomena at the Orange Peel. Nothing quite like feeling like the oldest person in the room but anyway, it was a pretty good show. The openers (whoever they were) really were rocking out.

Then on Sunday Erinna got out for a good 30 mile road ride with Melissa G. They actually saw a cow being born! She took a couple photos but I don't think I'll post them..... it's pretty gross.

Once Erinna was home and ready to take over baby duties I loaded up for a quick ride around the inner-loop with Sophiedog the Brave. more later.