Friday, November 19, 2010


Fast moving on the road bike tonight. I just walked in from one of the faster night rides I've been on yet. From West Asheville->BioWheels->Shanna's house->Hillside->Merrimon->Beaverdam->Webb Cove->Town Mountain->College->Hillard->Clingman->back to Westville.

I felt better tonight than on the last few rides. The climb up Webb Cove went by quickly with the few landmarks I know (the 'Whip that mule boy! Whip that Mule! steep pitch, Brook and Ellie's mailbox, the end of the pavement, the split rail fence, the switchbacks, and finally, when the powerline passes overhead, you're there) clicking by. When I got to the parkway I decided to head down town mountain and as if I had a premonition when talking to Shanna, I blew one of the turns and was on the edge and almost ended up in the ditch. The descent flew by as I hung my head low and pushed hard. The city lights gleamed and grew larger as I dropped into town. I took the corner before the interstate full-speed-ahead and caught every green light all the way to Clingman. I texted Erinna on Webb Cove that if I made it home by 9pm I might go see a show tonight. Well, I got in at 8:15. F-L-Y-I-N-G. I feel great. That was awesome. Night road riding in Asheville is awesome.

OK, it's the next morning now. Know what else is awesome? The Hackensaw Boys! I wish I had taken more than a few seconds of video last night:

Hackensaw Boys! from pisgahproductions on Vimeo.