Monday, May 28, 2012

Feeling faster

5000->Spencer->Spencer->N.E.R.->Fletcher->Middle Fork->Upper Middle Fork->Big Ridge->Big Creek->Res. Rd.->Lower Trace->Wash Creek with Mr. and Mrs. BrownDay, Liz ?., and Maximus Supremus the Dog. 

A few very quick notes: 1. I had a VERY hard warm up. 2. The heat and lack of water consumption caught up with me quickly. 3. I felt MUCH faster on the descent today than on my last couple rides post-wreck. 4. We bumped into only two other groups of riders on this beautiful Memorial Day Monday, one was Mike R., Eric C. And Jerred C. the other was two newbies from Chapel Hill. 5. Liz is a relative newbie herself and was killing it. 6. Once I felt warmed up I felt like I could have gone another 20 miles but... 7. was very happy when we got to the car anyway. Thanks for the invite Mike and Kassi!!!