Monday, March 24, 2014

Love Valley Roubaix

I was able to get a quick ride in after setting up camp. I had four things to do when I got there: 1. set camp, 2. get a ride in, 3. party with Cam at the Silver Spur, 4. be in bed at a reasonable time.
I accomplished the first 3.

If you've never been to Love Valley, NC... It is an experience like no other, especialy if you're not expecting it. The ride was excellent up to the point where shotgun blasts and revving muscle car engines outnumbered cricket chirps... and the town was super fun until... the fisticuffs 25' from the van door at 2:30am.

To quote Sonni D. 'Gotta love the honky-tonk saloon (the Silver Spur) that the post-race meal/awards/warmth took refuge in. You got the sense that, a mere 10hours before, this joint was the weekly go-to for hundreds in a line-dancing, "I'm still-20 & it''s still the 70's", Urban-Cowboy meets Dalla-Buyer-Club kind of way.' Oh yeah. it definitely was....

Then, a few hours later, I helped time the rainiest event since P55'13. BTW, I live for this type of weekend. Thanks for having me, Cam.

The ride really was fun. Gravel roads for miles and miles. As far as you'd ever want to go.