Monday, October 21, 2013

Hot Damn!

I just got in from my fastest time ever for out and back to the West Asheville towers. 57:46 total time out with photos and one extra long stoplight. I did catch a break in that the gate was open and I caught every light green coming all the way home from the towers. Still, that felt real good... Flying.
 Skinny Eric Go Fast!

Fish Hatchery Fun

Yesterday I got out for a casual paced ride in the Fish Hatchery area. There were tons of logistical problems to be solved and we took care of them perfectly. Pick up Ian L., drive to Brevard, pick up Mike B., drive to the Fish Hatchery, meet up with the crew from Charlotte, Rich D., Zach A., Jerry the C., and Todd ?. We timed it all perfectly and were on the bikes right on time.
Ian had gone out partying the night before and was feeling it. I had stayed up pretty late also. So did Zach. Mike had camped the night before. To the contrary Rich, Jerry, and Todd looked like they had been living very clean, rested, and sober lives and Rich was antsy to get going.
The route for the day: Cove Creek->225 connector->225->Daniel connector->Daniel->475->5095->Long Branch->475->Cathy's Creek->Wormhole->471D->Butter->Cat

Cove Creek was an excellent warm-up and the Charlotte crew kept a fast pace. Ian and Mike dropped off the back for a little while but we regrouped at every turn. It was going to be one of those excellent days in the woods. Everyone talking, looking at the Fall color, riding fast, riding slow, stopping again, repeat.

Everybody was ready for the first big descent of the day, Daniel Ridge. Mike took the lead and we made quick work of the chunder. To my surprise Zach was right on our tails... on a hardtail with a 63mm fork.... Kid is fast.

We then made our way to Long Branch via 5095. It had become a beautiful day with bright blue skies, temps in the low 60's, and leaves nearly at their peak at elevation.
By the time we got to the top of Long Branch Ian was feeling pretty cooked. Jerry asked 'When will he give up and go back to the car?' My reply? 'He won't. He's too stubborn'. My prediction was correct and Ian never bowed out even though he had to walk most of the way up to Butter Gap.

Butter opened just last week and it seems many people had been taking advantage of the renewed Pisgah inventory. We crossed paths with three other rider groups and easily a dozen hikers. Along the way Mike had his worst crash of the year. He slammed into a tree after his hands slipped off the bars.

As we were waiting at Long Branch and listening to Mike , Todd rolled up. He had had a spectacular crash also. Dang guys. Keep the rubber side down!
Cat Gap was the final trail of the day and we all hit the huck (Zach and I went off the tall edge) and we all had our wheels in the air more than once as we approached the Fish Hatchery parking lot. That was an excellent day in the woods. Thanks for coming out, Everybody!