Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two bunnies, a grouse, and MONSTERS

The alarm went off at 4:30am. Erinna and I were in the Jeep by 5:10. We were on the bikes at 6:10. We had to be back in Asheville by 2:00pm. Could we pull off the entire Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge course? Nope. Not today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm gonna hold time hostage

Let me jump to the very best part of this awesome ride I went on today. I was making good time and took the offramp to 276 just in time to see a car go down towards Brevard in front of me. I gave him a 20 or 30 second head start then hammered down 276 behind him. Well, I didn't give him enough time, I was on him in just a minute or so.... the thing is, as soon as he realized I was there he PUNCHED it. I wish I had had my GPS with me because I'd love to know how fast I got going motopacing that Subaru. He was squealing his tires around the 20mph corners and he would accelerate through every straight. I held him all the way to 1206. When I turned onto 1206 I was grinning from ear to ear and let out a WHOOP! that could be heard on the mountaintops.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dynamite! and Chinamen!

Today..... Today..... Today was one of the best. 7AM rally at North Mills. Lunch at the Pisgah Inn. The Pisgah Plunge following that. Company that I hold in the highest regard. Riding that impressed all. Perfect trail conditions. Excellent route choice. No crashes. No mechanicals. No bonks. Only one person stung. The roster: Mike R., Eric C., Jody F., and myself.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yesterday afternoon I got out for an exceptionally excellent ride. What made it exceptional? 95* heat, a three mile commute for me, and riding with the legendary Pony.

 I rode over to Ian L.'s house from West Asheville and Jody F and Mike B both rallied there as well. We piled into the big ass truck (along with Maximilian Supremus the dog) and were on our way to North Mills River. As we left town at 6:30pm the thermometer on the BAT read 97*. Thankfully the temps were already 10* lower when we arrived at the concrete bridge. Our route for the day: Fisherman's->North Mills->Fletcher->Middle Fork->UMF->Big Ridge->Big Creek->Res Rd->Lower Trace->Fisherman's.

Fun was had. Ian kicked ass for being straight off the couch. We stopped a bunch. We rode hard. We rode easy. We hung out in creeks. We drank beers. I took photos. There were no mechanicals, no crashes, no bonks, and we arrived back at the BAT together. I am thankful to have friends like these guys. Thanks for getting out for an adventure everybody!