Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick light test

I got out this evening for a quick little ride around town. 13.8 mi 1138' climbing 37mph max 13mph avg moving. My real goals were to get just a bit passed warmed-up so tomorrow's ride won't be painful due to lack of work and to test the new lights Jay at Amoeba sent. I didn't really have a plan but my front tire took me down Clingman and over to Kennilworth. I missed my turn a couple times and ended up on Tunnel Rd so I took the automobile way over to Beaucatcher. I was feeling that warmed up feeling I was looking for then and the sun was just about set so I turned the lights on, too. I wound through the neighborhoods and again, with no plan, ended up in Montford and then by the Bywater. Up Waynesville and back home in just over an hour. How did the lights perform? They are bright but too floody for the road. Without my triclops on I could outrun the new mega. Oh well. Let's see what Jay comes up with next.