Friday, September 25, 2009

Bent Creek ~ fixed gear ~ in the rain

When I got home from work today my brand new 22t Tomicog was waiting in the mailbox so of course I slapped it on the wheel and took off for Bent Creek to try it out. The easier gear is much appreciated and I was ON the bike for almost the entire ride. I still don't really know my way around BC so I unintentionally picked a rather tame route but... when the thunderstorms hit I was having enough fun dodging puddles, I didn't need super tech. Homestead->Deerfield->Gravel->Sleepy->(lft)Explorer->Explorer Alt->Explorer->Gravel->Campground Connector. Just about an hour out.

Tomicog bolted to the disc brake mount / Endless cog lockringed on the drive side. Just in case.

The green machine at Lake Powhattan
In the rain at Deerfield
Hey! It's Kathy T.!

Oh, and just before I left I was talking to a guy in the parkinglot and a flock? pack? pride? of unicyclists went by. Sweet.