Friday, November 30, 2012

Smash and Grab.

Joe and I were following up on the previous day's discussion and the question was asked: 'You riding today?' and 90 minutes later we were parked at Bent Creek Gap for a tour of North Mills River. The next three and a half hours were filled with me chasing Joe up the hills...
and Joe chasing me down the hills.
We ended up on Big Creek for a little while 

and finished the day by doing something I don't believe I've ever done before, The entire length of Spencer from the reservoir road to 5000. 
18.6mi 3,087ft.  02:52:24
When we arrived at Bent Creek Gap both of our vehicles had been broken into. Nothing that couldn't be replaced was missing so, whatever. What sucks most is that today I had a spectacular day on the bike with Joe and what I'll remember most is this petty B&E. So, in an effort to remind myself in the future: This ride was spectacular. We went to places. We attained super high speeds on the descents. I felt right at home on the new bike UP and DOWN the hill. It was a 65* and sunny, zero humidity day. The trails were perfect North Mills / Pisgah. The window will only cost $126 to replace. The meth-head redneck sunnuvabitch that thought this was a good idea will get his.

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