Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear God, Thank you...

for allowing me to bring the bike back under control and guiding me through that turn and not over that cliff.

Town Mountain->BRP->Elk Mountain Highway->Merrimon->WTWeaver->Riverside->Waynesville.


  1. Hey Eric - I got to your fantastic blog by way of the Waltworks blog. I have a WW#250 that was inspired by your green Walt!

    Some friends and I are registered for PMBAR this year. None of us are familiar with Pisgah AT ALL. I think I have ridden there once and sat up there on Pilot Rock....but I have no idea where I started or where I ended up!!

    You seem to know this place like the back of your you have any suggestions for how I can prepare myself with regards to learning routes and terrain?

    My Walt lives as a rigid SS but we installed brazeons and a hanger for gears. I wish I could leave it rigid SS for the race, but I fear I will need gears and a fork for 12+ hours on the bike!! Would you ride your SS or gearie for this?

  2. zoovegroover,
    The best way to prepare yourself for PMBAR is to get up here and ride! If you can't do that familiarize yourself with the map and figure out as many 60 mile loops as you can. If you have any doubts about riding SS for 60 miles and 10K feet of climbing I would definitely strap on the fork and gears. See ya in May!