Saturday, September 5, 2009

anywhere from easy going to f'ing rediculous...

S.Mills->Mullinax->Squirrel->S.Mills->BuckhornGap->BlackMtn.->TurkeyPen w/DjD

Thanks to everyone for the trailwork. Squirrel and Black are in AMAZING shape right now.

I was having a great climbing day today. The climb to Buckhorn Gap went by quickly, I cleaned more of the switchbacks up to Clawhammer Mountain than in a long while, and I was on my bike for all of Turkey Pen except for those two dreaded mountains. No, I don't have a powermeter or a training regiment or anything of the sort to tell me definitely that I was going faster or staying on my bike longer on the climbs, but I was just having a blast and enjoying the slow uphill battle that gears bring back to the ride experience. I was cleaning everything man!

Hey! It's John and Leanne!

Hey! It's the Youngblood's crew!
Holy shit! It's Scott from Indy!!!


  1. That is great that you ran in to Scott!! It is crazy that you can run in to people when you seem to be out there all alone.

  2. I'm interested in any further thoughts you might have on the Thudbuster.

    Great looking location!!!

    ...apologies for the anonymous post, but that's all it let me do :-(


  3. Robert,
    The thudbuster is everything they say it is. It takes the edge off when seated. Climbing is more comfortabe than on a thompson and I'll go so far as to say it really does help when climbing insanely steep and slow terrain. Otherwise it completely disappears... as bike parts should. If there's any reason to give it a seal of semi-approval it's because the bushings have already developed a touch of slop. I'll replace then with the ummm... replacement bushings Cane Creek has and see if they hold up any better than the stock.