Saturday, August 8, 2009

Richmond Hill Dusk Ride

I got out yesterday evening for a fun ride with great people on new trails. I honestly didn't expect the ride to be quite as long as it was. It's official though, Richmond Hill is super-fun and is going to be a huge asset to the cycling community in Asheville once it's complete. Thanks need to go out to Mike Brown for heading the project and the entire SORBA crew for making it happen. THANKS!!!
Mike B. and I rode from West Asheville on pavement to downtown and met up with Eric K., Ian B., and Mike from FBB at BioWheels just after 7pm. We hit the streets with speed and made our way over to the school trail first then up the climb to Richmond Hill. The RH trails are excellent. The terrain is similar to just upstream at Biltmore but with a touch more elevation change. The trail tread is completely different though. Mike and crew have hand built about 5 miles of trail that connect up with old roadbed here and there. Right now it's an unsigned mess/maze but that'll change soon enough, too. FBB Mike was a little off the back for most of the ride but no one was frustrated by that, no one had a race mindset. The sun set quickly as we were navigating the tight twistly rocky rooty singletrack within riding distance from my home. We bailed out without even hitting all the trails out there and hit the pavement back to our starting points. The rest of the guys went back to downtown and I got back to the house on the West side just after 9pm. What a great way to spend a Friday evening.

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